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Tetramethrin CAS NO.7696-12-0 

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Product presentation

Product name:Tetramethrin    


Molecular Formula: C19H25NO4    


Tetramethrin is a broad-spectrum, first-generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids are synthetic esters derived from naturally occurring pyrethrins (insecticides derived from the extract of chrysanthemum flowers). Tetramethrin is a rapid knockdown agent against flying and crawling insects. Tetramethrin may be co-formulated with synergists (e.g., PBO and MGK-264), other active ingredients such as pyrethrins and other pyrethroids (e.g., permethrin, allethrins, phenothrin, resmethrin, and cypermethrin), and growth inhibitors (e.g., fenoxycarb) for greater effectiveness and to control a broader spectrum of insect pests. These other active ingredients are more persistent than tetramethrin and provide residual activity against insects not exposed initially.

Mechanism of action

Tetramethrin is a type 1 pyrethroid (i.e., lacking a cyano group at the α carbon position of the alcohol moiety). Type 1 pyrethroids act on axons in the peripheral and central nervous system by interacting with sodium channels in mammals and/or insects. Tetramethrin is a nerve cell membrane sodium channel modulator, which interferes with entrance of sodium ions into the channel, leading to hyperactivity of the nervous system which can result in paralysis and/or death.


It is a broad spectrum, non-systemic, synthetic pyrethroid used to control flying and crawling insects in a number of commercial, horticultural and residential applications. Commercial applications include space, broadcast and crack-and-crevice treatment in a variety of commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional sites. Horticultural applications include foliar and fogger treatment on non-food plants. Residential uses include pest control in homes and outdoor domestic structures, on gardens and direct application to cats, dogs and horses.

Formulation: 95% TC;

Packing: 1L-200L for liquid formulation, 1G-25KG for solid formulation;

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