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Pectinase preparation

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Product presentation

Product name: Pectinase preparation;

Pectinase is refined by solid fermentation from Aspergillus niger and it is a compound biological catalyst, which consists of esterases, hydrolase and lyase, and these three parts act on pectinase by means of esterolysis, hydrolyzation and degradation respectively to decompose pectinase into galacturonic acid and oligogalacturonides, both saturated and unsaturated.  Pectinase is widely used in feed industry as well as food industry especially in fruit processing.   


Juice production: The use of pectinase in juice processing can help the compression and pick-up and accelerate the separating of the deposit when filtration and centrifugation, it is not easy for juice to get turbidness again after pectinase processing and will be more stable.

Pectinase can help to break up the membrane of oranges in cans production. This  method is better than acid or alkali based process and produces more testable, flavorous and better luster product. Compared with acid or alkali based process, this method leads less rust to the tank therefore decrease the cost and make the product more stable.

Pectinase can be used to produce concentrated juice, juice powder and low carbohydrates jelly.

In wine production, pectinase can improve the output rate of grape juice and wine,reinforce the clear effect of wine and distinctly accelerate the filtration speed.

In harl ungluing, pectinase is used with hemicellulase to remove the pectin in harl.

In wood antisepsis, pectinase can increase the permeability of wood so as to do positive effect in wood antisepsis.

In feed industry, pectinase is also used as feed additives to break down the anti-nutritional factors exist in feed compounds (soybean meal and rape seed meal both with high pectin content), so as to improve the digestibility and growth performance of livestock.

Stability and Storage

This product is biochemical substance. It should be kept in a clean, cool and dry place.Avoid high temperature, strong acid and strong alkaline. Avoid exposure to sunlight and water when transportation.

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