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 β-glucanase preparation

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Product presentation

Product name: β-glucanase;

It can decompose β–glucan of endosperm cell wall of wheat and cereal grains, and degrade non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) and anti-nutritional factors in feed, thus improve the nutriment absorption of livestock, enhance animal growth rate and feed conversion efficiency; in beverage industry it can be used to reduce the viscosity of wort, ameliorate filtration property, improve malt dissolution rate, prevent beer turbid, and keep the quality of beer.


Liquid type:Brown liquid, 20000u/ml;

Solid type: off white powder, 20000u/g-90000u/g.


In feed industry, the product can be used as feed additive solely to eliminate the anti-nutritional effect of β-mannan in soybean meal and improve nutritive value.

In health food aspects, β-mannanase can hydrolyze gum, which contains mannan, to  degrade short oligosaccharides into different glucose units.Branch mannan oligomer contained 2–10 mannose can reduce the levels of cholesterol as well as blood glucose of human, alleviate constipation, and has the ability to increase intestine probiotics and reduce pathogenic bacteria.

In brewers yeast further processing products (yeast extract paste, nucleic acid, yeast cell wall immunopotentiating agents),some hemicellulases(e.g. β-mannanase and β-glucanase) have a combined effect on yeast cell wall degradation.

In paper making industry, treating paper pulp with enzyme instead of traditional alkaline, the usage of hemicellulases such as β-mannanase and β-xylanase together can effectively eliminate hemicellulose of paper pulp, therefore distinctly improve paperiness.

In textile industry, the process of degrading hemicellulose gelatine of crude cellulose, such as the usage of β-mannanase in the process of ramee unglued, can degree the tightness of cellulose as well as residual glue of ramee cellulose, and enhance the quality of refined dry flax. It can also eliminate superfluous dye of textile printing and dyeing products, in- stead of traditional chemical treatment, so as to reduce energy expenditure and environmental pollution.

In petroleum industry, β- mannanase is also a gel breaker of fine quality, with advantage of high efficiency, low cost and light damage to the stratum.

Stability and Storage

This product is biochemical substance. It should be kept in a clean, cool and dry place.Avoid high temperature, strong acid and strong alkaline. Avoid exposure to sunlight and water when transportation.

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