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Acetonitrile CAS NO.75-05-8

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Product presentation

Product name: Acetonitrile;
CAS NO.:75-05-8;
Molecular Formula: C2H3N;


Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;
Purity: 99.90% min;

We can supply :
Acetonitrile for Preparative HPLC;
Acetonitrile HPLC Gradient Grade;
Acetonitrile for Synthesis;

Acetonitrile is predominantly used as a solvent in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, for spinning fibers and for casting and molding of plastic materials, in lithium batteries, for the extraction of fatty acids from animal and vegetable oils, and in chemical laboratories for the detection of materials such as pesticide residues. Acetonitrile is also used in dyeing textiles and in coating compositions as a stabilizer for chlorinated solvents and in perfume production as a chemical intermediate.

Packing: 200L drum, or according to customer's requirement;


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